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11 Reasons why you can always count on the internet

Ah, the internet. That amazing invention that has helped people from all over the world come closer together and communicate over great distances. But when you’re having a rough day on the job, the internet is also there for you with endless hours of entertainment.

1. Pet shaming

Because of the internet, we now have something called pet shaming, which is the best thing ever. In the dark days before the internet, people would shame their pets in private for messing the carpet or destroying furniture. Now everyone in the world can share in those mortified puppy dog eyes.

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2. Memes

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a meme is a picture with words, which makes it that more valuable. Especially when those words are either a message to make our day better or a joke to make us laugh like we’ve never laughed before.

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3. The grammar police

Remember when the only person who corrected your grammar was your second-grade teacher? Well, thanks to the internet, you can not only get your grammar corrected on a daily basis, you can also use it to make fun of your friends for their mistakes. God bless us, everyone.

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4. Internet hoaxes

Articles about women getting three boobs, photos of people in death-defying situations, videos of impossible circumstances — these are a few of our favorite things on the internet. These provide multiple layers of fun. First there’s the original “OMG!” moment before you know it’s fake. Then there’s the joy of laughing at yourself (and others) who fell for it.

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5. Cute kids

Having a bad day at work and need a little pick-me-up? Before you grab another cup of coffee, check out what your friend the internet has to offer. Whether it’s babies giggling, toddlers playing in puddles or little kids singing songs in the car, there are plenty of adorable kid videos out there for you to enjoy.

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6. Pinterest

A website where you put up pictures of places you’ll probably never go to, things you’ll never do and recipes you’ll never cook, but it’s still tons of fun. Pinterest is one of the best inventions to show up on the internet because it lets you daydream about all the things you want to have or do someday.

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7. Facebook

The king of all the internet trends, Facebook lets you be social without actually ever leaving your house. Plus, it gives one the opportunity to do very important tasks, such as keep tabs on what an ex is up to and endlessly like photos and videos.

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8. Twitter

Significant messages in 140 characters or less? People thought Twitter was mad when it first came out and now most of us can’t imagine our lives without it. Where else can you follow along to real-time reactions of everything from TV show premieres to sports events?

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9. Following celebrities

Just think, without the wonderful invention known as the internet, the only way you could follow your favorite celebrity would be to wait for a magazine to come out and hope he or she was in it. The internet has given us the control to find out important facts about our celebrity heroes, like how cute their pets look in funny costumes.

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10. Quizzes

Want to know what city you should really live in? Dying to know how good you are at naming vital facts about your favorite TV show? Then internet quizzes are for you. Just don’t forget to share your results on your Facebook page when you’re done or it doesn’t count.

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11. Fails

Perhaps the most entertaining invention to ever come from the internet was the ability to watch people fail. These are all things we secretly know could happen to us, but we still can’t help but laugh anyway.

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