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The secret behind what makes Giuliana Rancic’s closet so enviable

If an OCD organizer fell in love with a fashionista, the result would be Giuliana Rancic’s highly organized closet filled with gorgeous pieces. Get a peek inside her droolworthy space as LA Closet Design owner Lisa Adams breaks down her secrets for organizing success.

Giuliana Rancic's Closet: Designer Lisa Adams

As a co-anchor on E! News and co-host of Fashion Police, Giuliana Rancic is repeatedly on the front line of celebrity fashion and style. As someone who constantly critiques other’s fashion decisions, you better believe Rancic has her ducks in a row when it comes to her own style sense.

Her closet — which is really more like a small boutique — is the perfect setting for Rancic to quickly pull together a Hollywood-worthy look.

Rancic has celebrity closet designer Lisa Adams to thank for her enviable space. As owner and principal designer of LA Closet Design, Adams is a pro at creating luxe dressing rooms for her celebrity clients.

“I love this closet for Giuliana,” Adams tells us. “It fits the house and her style and personality so well.”

Here, Adams gives us a virtual tour of Rancic’s closet and shares her secret formula for organizing a killer closet.

Giuliana Rancic's Closet: Designed by LA Closet Design

Photo credit: LA Closet Design

Light and bright

Fierce purse collection aside, what takes Rancic’s 200-square-foot custom closet to the next level is the gorgeous design and finishes. Adams tells us that Benjamin Moore’s White Dove paint with a satin lacquer finish was used in the space, giving it that boutique-like feel and making it easier to see the closet’s contents.Oil-rubbed bronze hardware adds a layer of contrasting richness. A fun Circa Lighting chandelier kicks the style up a notch while complementing all the other closet lighting.

Um, can we hang out here all day?

Giuliana Rancic's Closet: Designer Lisa Adams

Photo credit: LA Closet Design

Strategic accessory zones

With a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry and an MBA under her belt, Adams is known for being super strategic with her organizing solutions.

She thoughtfully created different “zones” throughout Rancic’s closet.

“I wanted clothing to be at the back of the closet, then purses, shoes and jewelry as you are leaving the closet,” Adams explains. “This coincides with the way Giuliana dresses and flows through the closet, so when she’s in a hurry or needs to change a few times in a day, it’s that much easier for her.”

Giuliana Rancic's Closet: Designer Lisa Adams

Photo credit: LA Closet Design

“There is a suede panel for her hanging jewelry, as well as partitioned drawers for her fine jewelry. A mirror conceals the jewelry panel next to the door, so with a quick glance at herself, Giuliana is out the door!”

Giuliana Rancic's Closet: Necklace wall

Photo credit: LA Closet Design

Adams says suede lining helps protect high-end accessories and jewelry (and looks oh-so-chic).

Giuliana Rancic's Closet: Accessories drawer

Photo credit: LA Closet Design

A place for purses

Of all the fantastic spots in Rancic’s closet, Adams tells us there’s one area in particular that’s her favorite.

“I love the purse section that accommodates all types of purses — hooks for totes to hang, glass dividers to keep purses vertical and acrylic dividers for clutches.”

Giuliana Rancic's Closet: Organized purses

Photo credit: LA Closet Design

Giuliana loves…

… just how organized and easily accessible everything is!

“She loves that every item has its place and that you can see everything at first glance,” Adams shares. “Giuliana is also crazy about the pull-out hooks — she can’t get enough of them!”

Giuliana Rancic's Closet: LA Closet Design

Photo credit: LA Closet Design

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