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7 Animals that think water is just plain evil

When we found a crowdfunding campaign for this gadget called PetBath we became a little worried. It’s like a car wash, but for cats and dogs. You stick them in there, turn it on, and let the bubbles flow. That’s all fine and dandy, except for one thing. There are tons of animals out there that absolutely hate water. Here are 7 of our favorites.

1. Hydrophobic Doxies
Ahhh, freak out! These wiener dogs are not having this car wash. Since the PetBath seems kinda like a car wash in a box, it’s a pretty safe bet these hydrophobic pups would flip out in it.

2. Tigger the cat
While the inventor of the PetBath intended its multiple rows of jets on the inside for gently spraying dogs and cats, we wouldn’t blame Tigger the cat for saying “No!” to the PetBath, too. It makes us think of the old expression, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat,” and, well, that’s no good.

3. This resourceful Chow Chow
This Chow Chow hates bath time so much he is willing to fake his own death to get out of taking one. At the prospect of getting into the PetBath, it might just go on a catatonic bender.

4. The Great Chicken Dane
This Great Dane puppy might be large and in charge, but size apparently doesn’t translate into bravery when it comes to water. If she’s scared of a tiny still-water creek, she’d wreak havoc on the whirling, swirling dervish that is the PetBath.

5. Bella the “I don’t like filtered water” dog
It’s big, it’s plastic, it dispenses water… If Bella the dog hates the water filtration system this much, then surely she wouldn’t be the PetBath’s No. 1 fan. Likewise, we doubt the person who has to sit there and listen to her bark incessantly wouldn’t be too keen on the experience either.

6. This curious kitten
Curiosity and cats don’t mix, but no one bothered to tell this adorable little fella that. Even though he isn’t a bath lover, he decided he’d just take a teensy weensy look at it. Then he falls and, well, kitten jujitsu ensues. We’re pretty sure the PetBath couldn’t handle cat-robatics like that.

7. The puppy who hates water… with a vengeance
This precious black puppy doesn’t just dislike water, he seems to have a personal vendetta. In the words of Shakespeare, “though he be but little, he is fierce” — and he won’t rest until he drives back the evil force that is the water spigot.

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