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17 Halloween fails that seriously can’t be topped

Halloween is a time for trick-or-treating and candy corn and all manner of spooky stuff. But for some people, it’s also a time for comically questionable behavior.

1. Time to put someone else in charge of decorations

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/jessica-curiel

Would you like a side of grim mortality with your meatloaf? Super, we’ll just plaster it on the wall.

2. Your next what?

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/notagypsy

Your next headstone? Fake plastic skull? Seriously, your next what?

3. This should probably be on clearance

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/_yeahbutstill

Nothing’s more terrifying than “spoory.” Particularly if you are an English teacher, we’d imagine.

4. Um, at least they were being safe

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/inkyunique

This costume takes inappropriate to a new level. We can only imagine the reactions this unwitting little guy got as he knocked on neighbors’ doors in his magnum ensemble.

5. No kendy, no problems

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/raymanuelmuzik

We’re going to give this person the benefit of the doubt and assume there are some serious language barriers at hand here. Besides, part of the signage is unequivocally true — nobody will find kendy there (or anywhere).

6. Argh, go scrub the spoopdeck

Halloween fail

Photo credit:

We didn’t know what spoory meant and, likewise, are clueless as to what spoopy means. However, we are 98 percent certain that spoopy is far worse than spoory.

7. Trick or troat! Wait, what?

Halloween fail

Photo credit:

You might say this hilariously misspelled Halloween cake falls far closer to trick than treat. At the very least, it’s safe to say the icing piper is not a fan of the letter “e.”

8. It’s a wound, they say; for your arm, they say

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/queenvoncurves

‘Cause nothing is more terrifying than having a “spoopy” vagina wound on your arm.

9. Umm… you won’t find this ensemble in stores

Photo credit: Instagram/ima_weirdy_2

Points for originality?

10. This merits smiting

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/beacher72

If ever you doubted the sheer terror that is Halloween, just give one of these kids a call. They’re all old enough now to describe the horror of their dad’s costume choice. If you get voice mail, give it an hour — they’re probably in therapy.

11. And this week, in questionable parenting…

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/halloween_fails

Parenting doesn’t get much classier than this, folks. See also no. 4.

12. Oh, what a disturbing web we weave

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/slidebar

Should you wait too late to score a decent Halloween costume at the store or online, don’t do what this guy did. For the love of all things spoory (actually, spoopy seems to work better here).

13. We don’t know any ladies with fingers like these

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/sarahJ_hitchings

This person totally nailed the recipe for lady fingers. If, that is, by lady fingers you mean corn dog hands and by nailed it you mean failed miserably.

14. Too far, they took it too far

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/thefemaleking0521

We’re not sure which would be worse — if she came up with this idea or if he did. Regardless, they should have their costuming privileges revoked until they come to their super-plus senses.

15. Too bad cookie cakes don’t come with spell-check

Halloween fail

Photo credit:

Man, spiders are so creppy. They really crepp me out. Just the way they go crepping around on their eight creppy legs gives me the chills.

16. If this isn’t hair-raising, we don’t know what is

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/inkyunique

I mean, really? This “gangsta”‘ was apparently sired by a bolt of lighting.

17. Such a festive… mummy

Halloween fail

Photo credit: Instagram/marniemarns

Somewhere a product designer with a wicked sense of humor is sitting back and watching as countless people buy glow-in-the-dark “mummies” to adorn their lawns.

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