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Jonathan and Drew Scott show off their home and it has a water slide (VIDEO)

Ever wondered how, exactly, Drew and Jonathan Scott (otherwise known as the Property Brothers) live? Well now is your chance.


SheKnows experts Jonathan and Drew Scott opened up the doors of their Vegas home and invited People mag (and us all at home by proxy) in to take a gander at their totally gorgeous home. There were the modern touches you’d expect from the brothers — they did a full renovation, incorporated a chevron pattern on the walls and lifted the ceiling by 20 feet. But then there were the less conventional touches — they collect swords and they are the only house in Vegas with their own commercial-grade water slide.

The place is a modern den of luxury while still being kind of bachelor-pad fabulous. I guarantee you I would not have a whole floor of my home dedicated to video games, nor would I be cool mounting and displaying my nerdy collection of weaponry. That all said, if these two were all “Becca please move into our house and live with us forever,” I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sorely tempted. Granted, my reasons are not entirely decor based if you feel me.

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