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Baby cuddles pit bull to give you the warm fuzzies (VIDEO)

Pit bulls have such a tough reputation to overcome, and as human beings, it’s kind of our fault.


For so long the innocent little fellows have been trained, beaten and forced by humans into fighting each other because of their natural strength. It’s cruel, and as a result, people still view pit bulls as wild, mean and unpredictable dogs — the last pet you’d want around your baby. Well that’s foolish, and now we’ve got a video to show to any doubters. Just look at how happy this baby is to being playing with his puppy pal!

The baby is not the only one having a grand old time. Look at the animal grin! It’s strange to think of a dog expressing happiness through a smile, but that exposed vulnerable belly paired with that upturned grin is proof that this is a dog that is totally content having a tiny human friend to play with all the live-long day.

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