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17 Pumpkin Carvings for Adults That Are Amazing Odes to Pop-Culture Icons

We’ve been carving pumpkins since we were, oh, 5 years old — so it’s definitely gotten to that point that we’re kinda over the same ol’, same ol’ jack-o’-lanterns. But that’s not to say our pumpkin love doesn’t run deep. We still love those beautiful gourds as much as we love binge-watching Hocus Pocus 50 times in a row. It’s just that we’ve got this quiet yearning for a different kind of pumpkin-carving.

In the spirit of our pumpkin love and lust for new pumpkin adventures, we had our awesome design team put together elaborate pop-culture pumpkin-carving templates. Because there is no better way to bond with your creepy neighbors than sharing an obsession with Beyoncé and Doctor Who.

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Beyoncé pumpkin carvings

Beyonce pumpkin carving templates

Print Beyoncé silhouette template

Print Flawless template

Bookish pumpkin carvings

Book pumpkin carving templates

Print The Fault in Our Stars template

Print Fifty Shades of Grey template

Words, words, words

Words pumpkin carving templates

Print I’m So Fancy template

Print #SorryNotSorry template

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Starbucks lover templates

Starbucks pumpkin carving templates

Print Starbucks cup template

Print Starbucks logo template

Game of Thrones sigils

Game of Thrones pumpkin carving templates

Print House Baratheon template

Print House Lannister template

Print House Martell template

Print House Stark template

Print House Targaryen template

Print House Tyrell template

The Doctor’s TARDIS and some wine glasses for ShondaLand Thursdays

TARDIS pumpkin carving template

Print The Doctor’s TARDIS template

Print wine glasses template

And an Illuminati pumpkin carving template, since it’s their world and we’re just living in it

Illuminati pumpkin carving template

Print the Illumnati pumpkin carving template

If you’re having a party full of friends with eclectic tastes, you can also print the whole booklet of templates, too.


Originally posted October 2014. Updated October 2017.

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