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20 Hella phat ’90s-inspired Halloween costumes we’re buggin’ over

Let’s face it: There are some terrible Halloween costumes out there. I mean, you can only dress as a slutty version of a typically non-slutty professional so many times until you yearn for the good old days — you know, back when Halloween was actually about creative costumes and chocolate. (OK, it’s still a little bit about chocolate.)

It’s time to unleash your inner Blossom by rocking a ’90s-inspired Halloween costume. (Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to look through my Delia’s catalog and listen to Hanson while eating Dunkaroos.)

1. Zack and Kelly

1. Zack and Kelly

#tbt #halloween # 2011 #zackandkelly #zack #kelly #bayside #savedbythebell #tigers #throwback #thursday #throwbackthursday.
Photo credit: tla_3/Instagram

For. Ever.

2. Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura

#aceventura #petdetective #aaaalllrightythen #likeaglove #blueboutique #costume #halloween #epicatherlee
Photo credit: epic_atherlee/Instagram

Alllll righty then!

3. Miss Frizzle

Miss Frizzle

miss frizzle for halloween!
Photo credit:rradiancee/Instagram

The Magic School Bus computer game was more addictive than Candy Crush (for realz).

4. Wayne and Garth

Wayne and Garth

Party on wayne, party on garth!
Photo credit: Angie_c_j/instagram

Party time, excellent!

5. Cher and Dionne

Cher and Dionne

As IF! @stsakos #clueless #1995
Photo credit:noelfiorentinos/Instagram

As if!

6. Daria and Jane

Daria and Jane

Photo credit:katyperry/Twitpic

Anyone who believes in coffee for everyone is my hero.

7. Carmen Sandiego

 Carmen Sandiego

Great job, Gumshoes! We found her! #carmensandiego #baltimore #baltimorecomiccon #cosplay #latergram #fun If you know the cosplayer, please tag her!
Photo credit: regeneratedarts/Instagram

Really, the perfect excuse to not show up to the party at all.

8. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

Sailor moon gals! #90sparty #grandfinal #afl @laidlerb
Photo credit:dcrosswell_/Instagram

I STILL want to be Sailor Moon when I grow up.

9. Shari and Lamb Chop

Shari and Lamb Chop

Photo credit: imgur

My subconscious has been singing “This is the song that never ends” since grade three.

10. Spice Girls

Spice Girls

people of the world, spice up your life! ?? #babyspice #spicegirls #90sparty #roomies
Photo credit:julia_kress/Instagram

Zigazig ah!

11. Romy & Michele

Romy & Michele

Photo credit: peaceloveshea

You’re going to look so good with blond hair and black roots it’s like, not even funny.

12. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

#gwenstefani #90sparty #rummybears #spiderwebs.
Photo credit: wakeup_lucid/Instagram

This shit is bananas!

13. TLC


Photo credit: mamatosha/instagram

Crazy sexy cool. Pun intended only a little.

14. Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls

#Powerpuffgirls are ready to save the world! #90sparty.
Photo credit: Linnmartine/instagram

Ready to save the world!

15. Wilson Wilson

Wilson Wilson

Photo credit:imgur

Heidy ho neighborette!

16. A Fembot


Throwback to scream 2012 with this gem
Photo credit: Lady_eee/Instagram

Yeah Baby!

17. Blossom


I pull up in the Six like my name was #Blossom
Photo Credit: babyd510/Instagram


18. Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi

#carneval #1punktnull #marioluigi
Photo credit: lenarr_/Instagram

Who run the world? Girls.

19. A bad elementary school photo

 A bad elementary school photo

Photo credit: Imgur

Unfortunately, I still look like this in pictures.

20. A Power Ranger

A Power Ranger

Pretty Polly Power Rangers! ? #prettypolly #tights #costume #halloween #suspender #houseofholland #powerrangers #cute #creative #girls #tights #adorable
Photo credit: prettypollylegs/Instagram

Pterodactyl! Stegosaurus! Double cheeseburger with bacon!

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