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This kitten found pure bliss in the oddest of places (VIDEO)

This is one very resourceful cat!


Paulo Frazao had no idea what he was in for when he adopted his new kitten. He knew for sure that he was getting a cuddly buddy (God willing and whiskers crossed), but he had no idea that he’d also get proof positive that the saying “curiosity killed the cat” was absolutely true. Luckily, his curious kitten escaped any sort of harm, but that’s not because it lacked ingenuity.

When Paulo returned home, he discovered that his kitten had used an empty grocery shopping bag to create his own hammock. Sound like too much of a tight squeeze? That’s what claws are for! The kitten employed a little feline DIY prowess and bam! Instant kitten-approved hammock. My kitten Batman is forever getting into things he shouldn’t be. His latest dangerous hang-out spot is underneath every rug in the house. Walk around at your peril, dudes.

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