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Everything is awesome about these DIY costumes from The LEGO Movie

Making President Business

Making President Business

Step 1: Tape off a triangle on the LEGO body

Step 1:Tape off a triangle on the Lego body

Before you spray-paint, use paper and tape to block off a triangle at the top of President Business’ LEGO body. This will prevent paint from getting in the area where the details of his shirt will be painted in later.

Step 2: Carve your Styrofoam

Step 2:Carve your styrofoam

Use a knife to carve an arch into 2 of your Styrofoam pieces and to trim the third Styrofoam piece down by 3 inches. As an added detail, cut little grooves along the edges to make it look more like hair.

Step 3: Spray-paint

Step 3:Spray paint

You will need gray spray paint for the body, yellow for the paper that will be used to construct his head and a dark brown for his hair.

Step 4: Paint the remaining details

Step 4:Paint the remaining details

Use red acrylic paint for his tie, and then draw in the outlines for his suit with a black permanent marker.

Step 5: Make the head

Step 5: Make the head

Use this template as a tracing guide, and follow the head construction instructions outlined in Emmet’s tutorial. To complete the look for President Business, use your hot glue gun to glue the hair pieces to the top of the bowl.

How to make the other characters:

How to make the other characters: 2

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