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Everything is awesome about these DIY costumes from The LEGO Movie

Making Emmet

Making Emmet

Step 1:Tape off a triangle on the LEGO body

Step 1:Tape off a triangle on the Lego body

Step 2: Spray-paint, and allow to dry

Step 2:Spray paint and allow to dry

You will need orange spray paint for Emmet’s body, red for his helmet and yellow for the paper that will be used to construct his head.

Step 3: Paint the remaining details onto the body

Step 3:Paint the remaining details onto the body

Use your acrylic paint (gray, black and blue) and ruler to paint on the remaining details of the body. You might also want to use Google to find a reference image.

Step 4: Make the head

Step 4:Make the head

  1. First, cut your yellow paper into even strips. You’ll need 2 pieces that are 12 x 24 inches and 2 that are 12 x 6 inches. Use this template to trace Emmet’s facial features onto 1 of the 12 x 24-inch pieces.
  2. Cut out the eyes, and use acrylic paint to color in Emmet’s teeth and tongue.
  3. Use a black permanent marker to outline the eyes and fill in the remaining space for the mouth.
  4. When your paint is dry, flip your paper over (facedown), and apply hot glue around the eyeholes.
  5. Cut pieces of mesh fabric large enough to cover the eyeholes, and press the squares down into the hot glue. Use tape to secure the loose outer edges. This will keep the mesh firmly in place as the costume is worn.
  6. Measure a 1-inch guideline on each end of Emmet’s face piece, and thoroughly apply hot glue to this area.
  7. Attach the 12 x 6-inch pieces to each edge, and then use the same method to attach the final 12 x 24-inch piece. Before gluing the final seam, use a paper clip to hold the paper in place, and test the head’s circumference. Adjust the circumference as needed until it fits the circumference of Emmet’s helmet.
  8. Apply hot glue to the inside edge of Emmet’s helmet, and then place it atop Emmet’s head.
  9. Optional: Use brown construction paper to add hair poking out from beneath the helmet.

How to make the other characters:

How to make the other characters:

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