Everything is awesome about these DIY costumes from The LEGO Movie

Oct 13, 2014 at 5:29 p.m. ET

Raise your hand if you absolutely loved The LEGO Movie. Seriously, who didn't? And what's awesome is that it's pretty easy to turn your favorite characters into a hilarious group costume. Use this tutorial to learn how to make Emmet, President Business, Good Cop/Bad Cop and Benny the astronaut.

Step 1: Gather your supplies, and become a Master Builder

Image source: YouTube, @Keep Calm And Power Up

You will need:

  • 36 x 48-inch tri-fold foam board (4 total, for fronts and sides)
  • 36 x 48-inch regular foam board (4 total, for backs)
  • Poster paper (6 sheets)
  • Acrylic paint (red, white, black, yellow, blue, gray and brown)
  • Spray paint (orange, gray, blue, black and brown)
  • Large plastic serving bowls (4 total)
  • Black mesh fabric (just enough for the eyes)
  • 3 Styrofoam cubes
  • Duct tape
  • X-Acto knife
  • Black permanent markers
  • The usual: scissors, hot glue gun, yardstick and marking pencil


  • 4 long-sleeved shirts (gray, black and 2 blue)
  • Pants (orange, gray, blue and black)
  • Materials for LEGO hands or colored gloves

Step 2: Construct your LEGO bodies

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