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Watching dogs eat peanut butter in slow motion is so worth it

Question: Is there anything more amusing than a dog eating peanut butter? Answer: No, there is not.


Peanut butter. Dogs. They go together even better than peanut butter and jelly, even though I will fully admit that they are infinitely less delicious. But taking a video of a jar of peanut butter sitting next to a jar of jelly isn’t exactly going to make scintillating film.

Cue the puppies and peanuts! This video of oodles of different dogs eating peanut butter in slow motion is way more cute and way more compelling than it should be. I cannot. Look. Away.

Are you craving peanut butter after watching this? I will totally admit that I am, even if that’s vaguely weird. It definitely reminds you just how crucial it is to really savor what you enjoy. That’s right, it took a bunch of slobbering dogs to make me be all “awww, today hasn’t been so bad because earlier I had froyo!” It’s the little things, Dawg.

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