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Invisibility cloaks aren’t just for Harry Potter, they’re a real thing now (VIDEO)

Thanks to science, it won’t be long before you can actually make yourself disappear during awkward moments.


Scientists at the University of Rochester have done it — they’ve created an invisibility cloak. OK, so it’s actually less of a cloak and more of a kind of monocle looking thing, but it does make stuff (pens, hands, faces, your mom) go totally invisible in three dimensions.

Not only that, but the entire project only cost them about $1000, and the scientists are keen to share their own guide to making one yourself at home for less than $100.

Cancel my weekend plans, I will be quietly preparing a scientific device to take with me on my next blind date. If I flub up and laugh, spraying a cocktail of shrimp and penne upon the dude I am meant to be wooing, no big whoop. I’ll just whip out my non-cloak and boom, he’ll have no one to look at in pure horror, giving me ample time to sneak out of the restaurant while foisting another table’s basket of warm rolls. They didn’t need those carbs anyway, so everybody wins.

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