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6 Awesome dining tables with a hidden surprise inside

Whether you have a small place or just a penchant for hidden passageways the city won’t let you build in your house, these dining tables are exactly what you need.

From hidden pool tables to a table within a table, you’ll find what you need to have your dining table and enjoy it, too.

1. Pool table

convertible dining room table pool table

The Fusiontables dining table is business when the top’s on, but it transforms into a party when the leaves are removed. It features specially designed pockets that stretch as they collect balls so they’re not visible when it’s converted to a dining table, and the table itself is able to hold all the equipment under the leaves so no one ever knows it’s there. (Fusiontables, prices vary)

2. DIY patio dining table with built-in coolers

convertible dining patio table with beer coolers

Image: Domesticated Engineer

If you love to entertain outdoors, Sarah Bowes-Pope over at Domesticated Engineer has the perfect DIY hidden cooler table for you. Removable wooden mini-leaves reveal a secret compartment you can fill with ice to keep everything nice and cool, from beer and wine to dressings, condiments and those foods that perish quickly in the summer heat.

For the price of a little elbow grease (OK, a lot) and just over $200, you can have this beautiful table that I honestly think would look just as elegant indoors. Sarah provides totally free, complete instructions on her site. You just have to buy the materials (and the beer).

3. Multifunction dining table

multipurpose convertible dining table prep table and bar

This clever multifunction table can be used as a bar, as extra seating during the holidays, as extra prep space and more. It has a reversible top that’s covered in stainless steel on one side, which means it can tolerate hot objects when used as a serving table or prep area. The table also has two storage shelves that would allow you to store your bar gear, extra cooking supplies and other necessities. (Skovby, prices vary)

4. Goliath transforming table

goliath transforming table

Everyone knows about tables that let you add extra leaves so they can seat more, but this table is truly spectacular. This transforming table from Goliath goes from a modest wall-side console to a family table all the way up to a dining table that seats a whopping 10 people. (Resource Furniture, custom pricing)

5. Hidden compartment dining table

dining table with hidden compartments

Constantly worried someone’s going to steal one of your prized possessions? This dining table has a hidden compartment that’s hard to find but easy to open (once you know how!). It looks like a sleek, modern piece anyone would want in their home. (Spy Emporium, $600)

6. Transforming dining/coffee table

convertible dining table coffee table

If you live in a small apartment, chances are you don’t have guests over for dinner that often, but in the rare cases you do, your “let’s dine Japanese style” thing only works when you’re having, you know, Japanese food. This table converts from a coffee table to a dining table and back again so you’ve always got exactly the table you need. (Duffy London, about $2,500)

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