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11 Awesome things to do with bacon grease

Bacon lovers rejoice! Not only can you eat your bacon, you can rub it on your body, your accessories and even use it around your house. Our only warning: Use one of these hacks at a time to avoid a bit of overkill.

1. Season cast iron skillets

Cast iron skillets are essential in the kitchen. Season them by placing a few tablespoons of bacon grease in the skillets and cooking for 10-15 minutes. Swish around for the full effect.

2. Leather polish

It won’t do any good on your couches, but a smidge of bacon grease is just what the doctor ordered for shining up small items like boots, bags and purses. Just don’t let the dog get too close to your feet as it may lick it right off.

3. Fire starter

When filtering out bacon grease, put it directly into a paper or Styrofoam cup lined with a paper towel. Put in the fridge to take with you on your next camping trip. Light and it will ignite right up.

4. Grease squeaky hinges

Add a dollop of bacon grease to a rag and grease hinges. They should quiet down without a problem.

5. Remove a splinter

After cleaning the affected area, rub a bit of bacon grease and apply a Band-Aid. After 12-24 hours, remove the Band-Aid. Your skin should be soft enough to remove the splinter without any hassle.

6. Bug killer

Take a plastic container, add bacon grease and a bit of vegetable oil to loosen it up a bit. Take outside and leave in a common bug area. The oil will be too thick for bugs to fly out of, trapping them for life.

7. Candle

Yes, your life is now complete. You can have a bacon candle. Filter bacon grease into a mason jar, add a natural fiber wick stabilized by a fork or toothpick, refrigerate for 5-10 minutes. Voilà! Christmas gifts for everybody.

8. Smooth heels

You can use Vaseline or you can rub bacon grease on your heels. Apply a bit before bedtime, put on your socks and get cozy. In the morning, your feet will be brand new again and soft as ever. If your husband is a bacon lover, the scent alone will make him find you irresistible.

9. For dogs

Don’t toss the grease, drizzle a bit into your dog’s food bowl. Not only will it enhance the flavor of your dog’s dinner, it will aid in moisturizing its coat for a nice glossy finish.

10. Bird feeder

You can roll a pine cone in bacon grease and bird food for an easy feeder. Just don’t be shocked if you find your kiddos and other members of the family crawling up the tree for a lick of their own.

11. Cooking

There are many ways to utilize bacon grease in the kitchen. Sauté veggies, cook potatoes, use as a butter substitute, add in soups, an alternative for popping popcorn, cooking breakfast foods in, etc. Each idea will help you from tossing the grease down the drain (which is a huge no-no) or into the garbage.

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