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12 Ways to organize your home using old Kleenex boxes

Cold season is upon us, and tissue boxes are a hot commodity in the home. Before you throw away your next empty box, take a look at these 12 ideas to upcycle it into an inexpensive organization hack.

DIY drawer organizers

drawer organizer

Photo credit: Time with Thea

Stockpile tissue boxes to create your own drawer organization. Divide and conquer to fit your own space as needed.

Decorative box

decorative box

Photo credit: Between Naps on the Porch

Twine and fabric can turn any Kleenex box into a makeshift decorative box. After seeing this tutorial, you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of this before.

Recipe box

Recipe box

Photo credit: Barbara’s World of Whimcees

Sure you’ve got Pinterest to save all of your favorite recipes, but those can never replace Grandma’s handwritten index cards. Make an homage to the old days by turning a tissue box into a timeless recipe box you can pass along for years to come.

Greeting card holder

greeting card holder

Photo credit: Gina K. Designs

Like recipes, greeting cards may be a bit outdated. But whether you are saving your favorites or storing extras for special occasions, keep them nice and organized in a pretty decorated tissue box.

Spice box

spice box

Photo credit: I Heart Organizing

Believe it or not, a rectangular tissue box is the perfect size for organizing spice packets. File them in alphabetical order or by recipe for easy access.

Remote holder

remote holder

Photo credit: I Heart Organizing

Not every tissue box is ugly and boring. Save one of your favorite designs and use it as a remote holder, and never lose the controller again.

Craft room storage

craft room storage

Photo credit: Sew Fabulous

Cover your box with fabric or scrap paper to hold scissors and other craft supplies. Stack them up or keep them on your desk to admire all day long.

Easter baskets/candy storage

craft basket

Photo credit: Thrifty Fun

This tissue box makeover is perfect for the kiddos to help out with. Decorate a box to fit any holiday as a candy or snack holder to brighten up the season.

Trash-bag holder

tissue box

Photo credit: Fresh Idea Studio

Keep an extra tissue box under each bathroom counter to store trash bags and avoid extra clutter. Leave it as-is or decorate it to match your decor.

Yarn holder

yarn holder

Photo credit: Getting Messy with Ms. Jessi

Let’s be honest, one of the worst parts of knitting and crocheting is the tangled yarn. Avoid this from ever happening again by using a tissue box to hold the yarn.

Utensil holder

utensil holder

Photo credit: The Coconut Head’s Survival Guide

Your next party just got so much better! Save your old tissue boxes to decorate for the party’s theme and utilize them for utensils. Best part? You can toss them in the garbage once the party is over for easy cleanup.

Mail organizer

mail organizer

Photo credit: Ikea Hackers

Believe it or not, this mailbox organizing station is made out of an old tissue box. Make yours today for a few dollars and cents.

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