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This bathroom proves Ryan Gosling fans don’t care about s***

Listen. I’m a Ryan Gosling fan just like everyone else, but there are so many disturbing things about this bathroom at the Bang Bang restaurant in San Diego, California. First, bathrooms should be dedicated to “business,” not people. Second, bathrooms are gross. And third, public bathrooms are even grosser. So ladies, here are seven excellent reasons why you shouldn’t go fan-girl crazy in the Ryan Gosling bathroom.

1. Each time a toilet is flushed, a 6-foot plume of microscopic bacteria spreads to exposed surfaces in the bathroom.

Image source: YouTube, @Star941FM

By law, public restrooms are required to use open-front toilet seats, which means there will never be a lid to block this magic mist.

2. Bathroom sinks have 100,000 germs per square inch.

This gal took a few of them home with her on her jacket.

3. E. coli is a fecal organism. But who cares, right?

Image source: YouTube, @Star941FM

A 2012 study showed that E. coli was a common bacteria found in public restrooms, along with Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococus aureus and Salmonella — all of which sound terrifying.

4. The last stall on the wall is the grossest of them all

Ryan’s shrine is located at the end of the row, but research shows the first stall in a public restroom is used the least, and therefore is the cleanest.

5. A 2013 study showed that a quarter of the hand soap in public restrooms has fecal matter in it. Yes, you read that correctly.

In fact, according to the study, some of the soap they tested contained so much fecal matter that people would be better off washing their hands with water from the toilet after it’s been flushed. Um… gross.

6. If fecal matter is in the soap, just imagine where else you’ll find it.

Studies have found fecal matter on cell phones, soda drinking fountains, movie theater seats, shopping carts and computer keyboards. If this nasty substance can travel so far, just think of how gross those bathroom walls are.

7. And finally, let’s talk about those floors…

Image source: YouTube, @Star941FM

Gosling’s eyes may cause a true fan girl to go weak at the knees, but recouping on the floor is a bad idea. Not only are the floors in public restrooms subject to a constant spray of the magic mist mentioned earlier, they’re also covered in bacteria from people’s shoes. Mmmm… yummy!

Protect yourself, ladies. Don’t let Ryan’s eyes get the best of you. Use another stall instead.

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