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Capybara nibbling on an ice pop will make your day (VIDEO)

You might have missed it, but July 10 was Capybara Day!


Now, celebrating Capybara Day might not exactly be something you do on the regs, that is, unless you own a capybara or happen to be one. Let’s pause here briefly for a second. If you are a capybara and you are reading this website, please contact me immediately. Clearly you are a miraculous and splendid creature whom I would like to get to know better and maybe make my magical animal sidekick. Moving on…

JoeJoe the capybara might not have magical powers, but he certainly has mastered social media — with a little help from his human owner, too, I’m sure. JoeJoe shares all of his adventures on YouTube with looooads of followers who are just desperate to know what the little cutie is up to.

In this video, JoeJoe is loath to let summer pass him by for autumn, so he mourns the passage of time by chomping down a Popsicle. Don’t worry not-so-little fella. Winter won’t last forever.

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