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6 Genius uses for your mascara brush

After you’ve used every last drop of your favorite mascara, or if you can bribe the Sephora girl to give you a few extra spoolie wands, here are six inventive ways to use a mascara brush in your makeup routine!

If you’ve used your mascara until the bitter end, but it was pricey and you want additional bang for your buck, these six additional uses will give that to you. I cleaned off the wand from my Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara because to be honest, I really didn’t like it.

1. Applying lip balm

6 Ways to Use a Mascara baby hair-0003

6 Ways to Use a Mascara Lips baum

6 Ways to Use a Mascara Lips baum

Apply a lip balm and gently scrub the mascara wand across lips. You can use anything, from Aquaphor to Smith’s Rosebud Salve. This technique will effectively rid lips of any flakes or scales and prep your lips for all those fall matte lipsticks!

2. Applying brow color

Applying brow color

Use to brush brows into place prior to applying your brow color, and afterwards to evenly distribute color or tone down where you got too heavy-handed.

3. Apply hair growth serum

Apply hair growth serum

Dip into castor oil and brush through lashes and brows for an overnight hair growth serum!

4. Brush back the baby hairs

Brush back the baby hairs

Brush back the baby hairs

Spray hairspray onto wand and brush back the baby hairs around your hairline to make your style more polished! I’m using Rock Your Hair Spray It Hard, but you can use any kind you like!

5. Applying hair gel

Applying hair gel

Applying hair gel

Apply hair gel and brush through brows for a brow setting gel in a pinch! I’m using one from Kenra but any hair gel will work.

6. Create a loose pigment

Create a loose pigment

Brush your mascara brush across the surface of your powder eyeshadow, powder or blush to create a loose pigment. You can even mix two pigments and create a custom color. Try mixing a matte shadow with a shimmer.

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