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This Beagle is on a mission to save your travel experience (VIDEO)

KLM airlines has implemented a new way of getting lost items back to passengers from departing flights.


Dutch airline KLM has officially become my preferred way of flying. Okay, admittedly, I have never actually flown with them before, but the next time the opportunity presents itself you can be sure that I will be there, and once I leave the plane, I will be sure to leave as many of my small items behind me on the plane so that their new lost-and-found dog can get to the adorable task of retrieving my things and trotting through the airport to bring them back to me.

I mean, why has this never been a thing before? It is as effective as it is amusing! And it’s not like the airline is getting rid of its traditional lost and found methods — they are still going to use seat numbers and ticket numbers to get missing items back to passengers. That said, I for one will be far more likely to fly an airline that believes that something being adorable and practical don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

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