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Violet the greyhound pup is an iPad gaming expert (VIDEO)

If ever you’ve felt insecure about your gaming aptitude, get ready for another blow to your confidence. ‘Cause Violet the greyhound puppy just might be a better gamer than you. See for yourself.
Never mind that the game she’s playing — Cat Fishing 2 — is intended for cats. Violet is a dog on a mission… and that mission is to destroy as many digital fish as possible.

What she lacks in dexterity, she makes up for in enthusiasm. I mean, we haven’t seen head banging this good since the early ’90s.

What’s equally impressive, though, is how chill her humans are. Sure, it’s an iPad. But they clearly believe capturing this hilarious moment is more important than the screen remaining perfectly pristine (although, rest assured Apple fanatics, the screen is unscathed).

Should they decide to expand their family with a little head-banging, iPad-playing human baby, that nonchalance will serve them well.

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