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24 Kids games you should still play as an adult

Remember when we were 10 and the older kids in the neighborhood seemed so cool and distant, laughing as they watched us play “kid games”? Remember being in high school and swearing we’d never turn into stuffy 30-somethings? What happened?

Why do we feel so old? We’re not sure. We have more bills. Yes, we rely on coffee to get us through terrible jobs. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have some real, good, old-school fun. The kind we had in backyards and playgrounds. The kind so distracting our moms had to scream at the top of their lungs and threaten punishments to lure us inside. Most importantly: The kind that didn’t involve screens. Next time you’re at a barbecue or your friends are all crowded into your neighborhood pool, how about a round of that good old-fashioned fun?

Red rover

For lots of girls, it was the game where they got to hold hands or hook arms with that cute boy who sat across the classroom. Grab all your friends, head into the backyard and link elbows with your BFF’s cute bro.


If you haven’t tried sliding under the bed or folding yourself into the back of your closet recently, you’re missing out. Waiting to be “found” will get your heart racing just like it used to.

GIF credit: FOX


Dim the lights and play that reverse hide-and-seek game. Want to have a little more fun? When it’s your turn, tell your S.O. where you’ll hide then enjoy some sneaky kisses before everyone else piles in.

Musical chairs

As kids, musical chairs often translated as teacher-orchestrated bullying. As grown-ups, it’s a chance to put our hips to good use. It’s one interesting way to bond with your new neighbors.

Leap frog

Chances are playing a game of adult leap frog will end exactly how it did 20 years ago: In a pile of laughter. We’re pretty sure that sounds like the perfect way to end a cookout.


The young at heart will tell you that plenty of adults still play kickball. You and the co-workers might not be ready to compete, but it might still be the perfect way to spice up a company picnic.


Quite possibly the best and most legal way to let out some aggression and get in a good workout. Let the balls fly!

GIF credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Tag/freeze tag

Speaking of workouts… We bet we ran a few miles each afternoon while playing tag during recess. Why not drop that running group and start up a tag group, instead?

Blob tag

So much fun! As the blog gets longer and connected in stranger locations, it gets even harder to tag those remaining wily friends.

Red light/green light

Have extra fun and be slightly cheeky: Suggest you play this game on the way to the dessert table.

Simon says

Simon says, “It’s been a while since you listened to me. Make up for it by doing the Time Warp!” Now, let’s do the Time Warp, again. (Hey… we didn’t say “Simon Says!”)

Hot potato

Because why not? A more heart-pounding version could involve switching out the hacky sack for a can of soda. Whoever gets stuck with the can, has to open it.

Duck, duck, goose

We know. The idea of sitting down on the floor and then popping up quickly again seems pretty daunting. That’s probably why we should play.

GIF credit: GIF Soup


What kind of silly things can you get your friends to say?

GIF credit: LadyGagaVEVO

Monkey in the middle

You toss things every day: staplers, beers, apples. Why not add a third person and have a little fun in the process?


Burn those after-dinner calories by blowing up a balloon and tossing it around. Add some urgency to it by suggesting that whoever drops the balloon first has to do the dishes.

Marco Polo

Stop being a party pooper who spends her time in the lounge chair. Slide into the water and have fun. Another option: Chicken. When was the last time you rode on someone’s shoulders?

Flashlight tag

Wait until dark, divvy up the flashlights and take off. Avoid the beams of light to stay safe. (Bonus: The crunch of fallen leaves makes shifty moves even harder.)

Jump rope

Girl, when was the last time you played double-dutch with your bestie? It’s a much better and more fun workout than power-walking the cul-de-sac… again.

GIF credit: NBC


Hopscotch has always been a blast. But, with so many sidewalk chalk innovations since we were kids, you’re going to have a hard time not sprawling out and doodling on the driveway. That’s OK, too.


We still have some furniture from college, so you won’t find us hopping around on the coffee table. Throw pillows as islands on the floor, though? Totally our scene.

Water balloon fights

You’re an adult now: That just means you can afford more balloons! Just be nice and don’t include any uninterested neighbors.

Capture the flag

We were the best at getting the flag! It’s fun just playing with a ball or a flag, but try making things even more interesting by making one team’s flag the picnic basket and the other team’s flag the cooler of drinks.


Turn those fancy-schmancy place cards into necklaces for an after-dinner round of Assassin. Last person with their name tag on and the person with the most tags stolen are winners.

Feeling energized and ready to have fun? Turn off the computer and track down your friends. The internet will be here when you get back. Promise.

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