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17 Dogs that make incredible snuggle buddies

Fall heralds the arrival of so many things we love: pumpkins, cooler weather, scarves and, naturally, cuddling. And, well, these adorable dogs have elevated cuddling to an art form, making them the perfect fall snuggle buddies.
Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with these guys?

Leopard flats? Check. Cashmere cardigan? Check. Two adorable lap-warming pups? Check, check. All this scene needs is a peppermint mocha latte for full-fledged fall coziness.
OK, so this dog might be a bit overzealous in its warming responsibilities. That, or it’s convinced that its owner’s nose needs defrosting.

Fancy neck pillows need not apply — this guy has a Boston Terrier more than happy to do the job.

Sweet just does not adequately capture this precious pup and its owner indulging in a favorite fall pastime: nappin’ on the couch.

This massive dog gives new meaning to the term “comforter.”
This Pitty makes the perfect pillow-slash-bedfellow. We don’t blame its owner for indulging in a serious late-afternoon snuggle sesh.
I don’t think anyone can argue just how serious this dog takes his leg-warming duties.

Double the dogs, double the cuddles. With one pup for a pillow and the other to warm the legs, their human is pretty much guaranteed a nap of epic proportions.

Hey, being a round-the-clock snugglebug is hard work. Just ask this big guy, who’s got the yawn to prove it.
This, my friends, is what you call total relaxation. Am I right, or am I right?
Somehow this dog manages to blanket its owner and ham it up for the camera with the most soulful little eyes we’ve ever seen. Get this cutie-pup an agent, stat.

Sometimes being a doggy pillow works in reverse. Here, the pup shows visible signs of impending napdom, while its human looks wide awake. Whoopsie!

Perhaps this Lab knows something we don’t about the right half of its human’s face. Like, it has trouble regulating temperature. Or it was recently hit by a snowball. Who knows? Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s just doing due-doggy-pillow diligence.

Somehow we suspect this view will be a mainstay for this pet parent this fall.
With the cooler weather comes cold and flu season, but fear not. If you’ve got a couple of pups like this to keep you warm, that’s essentially the equivalent of Chicken Soup for the Soul.
To keep its owner nice and cozy, this pup pulls out the big gun of cuddling. You guessed it — spooning.

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