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8 New ways to use clothes hangers to tidy up your home

Just when you think you have no use for the extra wooden and wire hangers taking up space in your closet, we’ve rounded up a few awesome ways to repurpose them. Let these clothes hanger life hacks inspire you to make those ready-to-toss closet accessories work for you.

From closet to chip clip

Clothes hanger life hack for chip clips

Photo credit: Tisha the Crazy Working Mom

Once your baby grows out of those cute little outfits, your collection of mini hangers are rather useless. Unless, of course, you repurpose them to keep your favorite snacks fresh. Tisha the Crazy Working Mom took wire clippers to her baby clothes hangers and turned them into chip clips. Genius!

The all-natural instant drain snake

Clothes hanger life hack for clogged drain

Photo credit: Adhis at LDS Money

Ugh! Your clogged drain isn’t fixing itself, and you don’t have time (or the budget) to call a plumber, nor do you want to dump a bunch of Drano down the pipes. What’s a busy gal to do? Adhis at LDS Money suggests grabbing a wire hanger and snaking it down your drain to drag up all that yucky hair and debris.

Hang up your scarves

Clothes hanger hack for scarf storage

Photo credit: Cheryl Najafi at CherylStyle

Stop wadding up your scarves in a drawer and let a clothes hanger keep them neat, wrinkle free and even display worthy. Lifestyle expert Cheryl Najafi, founder of CherylStyle, shows you how to use metal curtain rings and glue or colorful embroidery floss to DIY a clothes hanger into a fancy scarf storage solution.

Wooden clothes hangers make awesome decor

Clothes hanger life hack

Photo credit: Courtney at A Little Glass Box

If your DIY spirit is begging for a project, gather up your wooden clothes hangers, a reclaimed wooden board and an electric saw, and you’ve got the makings for a gorgeous coat and purse hanger for your entry. Home DIY blogger Courtney from A Little Glass Box and her hubby give you step-by-step photos for repurposing wooden hangers into unique home decor with a purpose.

Put your magazines on the wall

Clothes hanger life hack for organizing magazines

Photo credit: Steffi at OhhhMhhh

You go on a magazine binge every month and the issues just keep piling up. You don’t want to trash the mags because, let’s face it, magazines are fun to read and reread at leisure. So how do you get a handle on your magazine obsession? Take a tip from Denmark blogger Steffi of OhhhMhhh and repurpose wire clothes hangers into magazine holders that you put on the wall for easy access. The most striking magazine covers even have aesthetic appeal. Talk about one of the easiest DIY wall art projects ever.

Hang up the towel

Clothes hanger life hack for DIY towel hook

Photo credit: Ki Nassauer

Who knew that wooden clothes hangers could double as inventive towel hooks in the bathroom? Ki Nassauer, America’s most famous junk lady, that’s who. She takes two vintage hangers, turns them upside down, anchors them onto the wall and creates double-duty towel hooks that not only keep wet towels off the floor but also lend a handy place for hand towels.

Lady, let your lace hang loose

Clothes hanger hack for hanging lace

Photo credit: Many Bright Things

If your crafty side craves lace and you have a plethora to prove it, grab a few trouser hangers and repurpose them to keep your lace long and wrinkle-free. The vintage DIY blogger at Many Bright Things loves lace as well as colorful, quirky and handmade projects, so she transforms pant hangers, clothespins, paint and washi tape to create a whimsical lace storage solution. You could also use this hanger hack to hang other strips of fabric, lengths of ribbon or decorative items you want to display.

Clothes hangers are a scrapbooker’s best friend

Clothes hanger hack for crafts

Photo credit: Cindy Tobey at Creating Keepsakes

If you’re a scrapbooking queen, you’re going to love how clothes hangers can keep all of your materials uber-organized. Cindy Tobey, contributing writer for Creating Keepsakes, uses trouser hangers and plastic zipper bags to store scrapbooking page kits. You can also fill bags with other craft items so that they are easily seen and accessed.

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