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19 Things Only Girls with Thin Hair Understand

It’s almost painful for some of us to hear thick-haired girls wish their locks were thinner. No, sweetie. You don’t. Here are a few reasons why the struggle is real for thin-haired girls.

1. Thinking of skipping a shampoo? Child, please.

One day without a shower and thin hair goes from so-so to so greasy. And, in all honesty, the greasiness starts creeping in only a few hours post-shower. Boooooo.

2. Say hello to scalp sunburn.

Yes, it’s a thing. If you have thick hair, you’ve likely never experienced the unholy sensation that is your scalp burning. Don’t even get us started on the peeling.

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3. We’ve bookmarked the As Seen On TV site.

Air Curler, Bumpit, Hot Buns… we’ve tried every gimmick on the market to give us that thick-haired look. Alas, we haven’t enough hair to even hide the bumps and sock buns.

4. Every single hair product in our arsenal says some variation of “volume.”

Extra body? Check. Added volume? Check. Voluminous? Check. Bedhead? Check.

5. It takes three hair ties to put hair in a bun, yet it still falls out.

Buns are a major challenge with thin hair. So it’s especially annoying when, after much manipulation, you finally get a bun you’re halfway happy with, only for your thin hair to slip through the hair band after an hour.

6. Speaking of buns, they’re comically tiny.

I mean, like, really little. They look like ping pong balls. You know, of hair. And a messy bun? Yeah, right. Thanks for the chuckle.

7. Normal hair loss causes major anxiety.

While we realize everyone loses something like 100 hairs each day, we’re 97 percent certain the amount we lose every single time we take a shower is triple that. Or perhaps the loss is merely multiplied because we know we can’t afford to lose any of it.

8. Napping is a death sentence for a cute ‘do.

Thin hair does not respond well to sleep. If you think you’ve got a cowlick, you’ve never seen a thin-haired girl after she rolls out of bed.

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9. We have a life mantra: it’s “wash the roots, condition the ends.”

There is no other way. All other advice is irrelevant.

10. It’s more than just a surface level problem

Almost everything can affect hair fullness — stress, nutrition, sleep, hair care products — so we’re always on the hunt for simple ways to help improve it from the inside out.

11. It looks oh so good after being blown out…

But it leaves your hair feeling like straw. Heat styling is the thin-haired girl’s biggest frenemy.

12. See also: Does not hold curl.

Well, it does when you use an entire can of hairspray, which is pretty much how we roll.

13. Tangles are the bane of the thin-haired girl’s existence.

Seriously, how can so little hair end up so majorly matted? Going swimming leads to serious contemplation about getting a Demi Moore in G.I. Jane buzz cut.

14. All we want for Christmas is extensions.

When all our friends were asking their parents for cell phones or designer jeans for holidays, we were asking for faux hair. That’ll do a number on your psyche.

15. Thick hair envy.

Rapunzel. The entire cast of Pretty Little Liars. Shakira. We love you, but we kinda hate you, too. Don’t take it personally — we’re just bitter about your enviably thick locks. Shave them and we’ll call it even. Just joking! Sort of. OK, not really. OK, not at all.

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16. Trendy styles are just a pipe dream.

Oh, you just rocked a big messy braid? If a rat tail and a cornrow met, fell in love and had a baby, that’s what my messy braid would look like — the offspring of a rat tail and a cornrow.

17. We’re legitimately concerned about female pattern baldness.

For real. We actually check for bald patches after showers. And when we pull our hair up. And always.

18. One word: static.

Static is an entirely different beast when you have thin hair. You know those orbs with electric currents you put your hand on? That’s basically what thin hair with static looks like.

19. That one thing people are always saying.

“Wow, you have really thin hair!” Really? Hmm, I hadn’t noticed. Thank you for pointing that out.

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