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Create a commemorative poppy key chain with this simple tutorial

Red poppies are traditionally considered an emblem of remembrance, which is why they are often a big part of Veterans Day services.

This tutorial shows you how to make a felt poppy key chain to commemorate those service members. It only takes a few materials.

Poppy keychain | - supplies


  • Red and black felt
  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s Glue Stick
  • White pencil crayon
  • 6 inches red ribbon
  • Black thread
  • Needle
  • Key ring


1. Draw poppy shapes

Poppy keychain | - step 1

On your red felt draw 2 red poppies, one slightly larger than the other. On your black felt draw a small round circle that will be the center of your poppy.

2. Cut poppy pieces

Poppy keychain | - step 2

With your scissors, carefully cut your 2 poppies and black circle.

3. Use glue to tack the poppy pieces

Poppy keychain | - step 3

Use your glue stick to apply some glue to the smaller poppy, then stick it in the center of the larger one.

Poppy keychain | - step 4

Apply glue to the black dot and stick it the smaller poppy. These 2 steps are meant to hold your pieces together while you sew them in the next step.

4. Sew together the felt

Poppy keychain | - step 5

With your needle and thread, sew all the felt pieces together to secure them.

5. Stitch on the ribbon

Poppy keychain | - step 6

Fold your red ribbon in half, and stitch it to the back of your felt poppy.

6. Add the key ring

Poppy keychain | - step 7

Slide the ribbon into the key ring to finish off your key chain. Now you have a beautiful little reminder to commemorate Veterans Day that you can use daily.

This post was sponsored by Elmer’s.

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