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Turn a school T-shirt into a tote with spirit with this DIY

Take your school T-shirt from last year and turn it into a cool sports tote for this year. Perfect for toting around your gym gear, this easy DIY tote bag tutorial shows you how to upcycle your school T-shirt from last year into a versatile and useful bag. With some fast cutting and a few quick seams, you are finished. These T-shirt sport totes are strong and washable. Follow the steps to make one for yourself.

School sports tote | - supplies


  • T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread (or sewing machine)
  • Pins

1. Chop the sleeves

School sports tote | - step 1

Lay your T-shirt on a flat surface. With your scissors, carefullly cut the T-shirt at the sleeves where they are sewn to the body. Do this on both sides.

2. Cut away the collar

School sports tote | - step 2

Next carefully cut below the collar in a “U” shape.

3. Turn inside out and pin

School sports tote | - step 3

Turn the T-shirt inside out and pin the bottom of the T-shirt along the hem. (I’ve used red just for visual purposes, but you should use a thread color that matches your shirt.)

4. Sew it up

School sports tote | - step 4

Sew along the bottom of your T-shirt.

5. Add shape

School sports tote | - step 5

This step isn’t necessary, but it gives your bag a flat bottom. I find it also gives a nicer shape to the bag. Match the bottom seam along with the side seam and it will make a point with the corner of the bag. Sew a seam perpendicular to the first seam. Repeat on the other corner of the bag.

6. Turn inside out and use

School sports tote | - step 6

Turn your bag inside out and now it’s ready to use. Bring it to your next home game as fun sports bag to show off your school spirit.

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