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Doing this instead of buying new pillows will save you a lot of money (VIDEO)

Who needs to buy new pillowcases when you can make your own in just a few easy steps?


Mr. Stencil is officially my new favorite person on the internet. With his soothing tone and his approachable and easy DIY techniques, he makes me want to tackle everything old in my house and make it new and impressive and stencil-tastic. This latest video is no exception. With a couple of easy steps, he teaches you how to make your bedding even more beautiful than it was when you first purchased it. All it takes is the stencil of your dreams, some paint and some crazy-quick heat sealing. Awesome!

With more and more videos like this, DIY home decor seems more approachable than it ever has been. It’s really starting to give even home-decor losers like me the feeling that maybe I can start tackling more and more beautification projects. The verdict on how successful I will actually be? Well, that’s still out.

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