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Why I created Goodshop, an app that makes shopping charitable

JJ Ramberg

We can all do a little more good every day – even when we shop. JJ Ramberg, MSNBC anchor of Your Business and co-founder of, talks about how the site and app make giving back even easier.


What is Goodshop?

t Goodshop is the site or the app that makes you feel good about your online shopping. We aggregate coupon deals for thousands of stores to save money when you shop. A percentage of virtually everything you spend goes back to your favorite cause. So, you save money and you help a cause that you care about. We’ve raised about 11 million dollars so far for great causes.

tLearn more about or download the app and start giving back today.

What was your inspiration for Goodshop?

t I started the company with my brother eight years ago. We just had this idea of, how can we make doing good a part of people’s everyday lives? It was something that we really wanted, so that doing good, helping something, a cause that we cared about didn’t just happen when we had time to volunteer or when we could write a donation check, but we wanted to figure out a way to make it a part of something I did every day. And so, searching the internet, we started with Good Search, and then shopping online was something that we figured- that’s something we do, let’s try and turn that action into a way to support our causes.

What has been your biggest success?

t We started this company as a way for people to give back, to do good, to feel good about their everyday actions. Our biggest success is that it’s worked. We’ve raised more than 11 million dollars and that money has gone to everything from feeding stray dogs, to helping find a cure for cancer, to buying books for kid’s schools. Every year in the fall, we write these checks to thousands and thousands of charities and it is no less exciting now then it was that very first year when we got to write these checks.

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