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Boobs being used as head-turners to draw attention to pollution (VIDEO)

There are loads of ways to protest in support of saving the environment, but this one might be my new favorite.


The Pinheiros River in São Paulo travels through the largest city in the Americas, and it is beyond polluted. Loads of factories use it as a receptacle to dump waste, not to mention all the other various debris that collects there on a daily basis. It’s not a river you’d relish going into, that’s for sure.

One local artist wants to change that by drawing attention to the problem of the river’s polluted state, and he is doing it in a unique way: with topless sculptures. The artist has erected statues of four life-size figures staring out at the murky river in the hopes of generating a conversation about how to change the river’s current state.

One of the figures, the one garnering the most notice, is a topless blonde woman. Talk about making a splash. I would argue that there are more effective ways of forcing change, but hey, at least this has got us talking, right?

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