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6 Kickstarters you’ll want to fund immediately

Thanks to crowdfunding, we all have an opportunity to support our favorite business ideas with the click of a mouse. Here are a few inspiring, funny and useful Kickstarter campaigns we’d love to see funded.


Photo credit: Kickstarter

We love fitness trackers. They’re awesome at keeping you motivated and great at pointing out the times of day when you’re less than productive. Still, those little black plastic bracelets aren’t exactly fashionable. Digitsole is an interactive insole that gives you the same ability to track activity and calories burned, yet with a device that doesn’t interfere with your high-fashion ensemble. Oh, and did we mention that it can also warm your feet with just a tap on your smartphone? Let’s get this funded before winter arrives, ladies.


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Listen and record audio at the same time with Hooke. Hooke appears to be standard, wireless headphones, but they are so much more. Hooke allows you to record 3D audio, which is audio exactly as our ears hear it. When you listen to the recording you made with Hooke, it will sound just like you’re there, experiencing it again.



Photo credit: Kickstarter

If you’re a java junkie like we are, you’ll want to put your money where your mouth is and make a pledge to this Kickstarter project. For just $10, you can help the young entrepreneurs behind CoffeeBar (the “convenient, hassle-free and spill-free” way to enjoy a cup of coffee) bring their healthy and delicious product to the world — and get two Mocha Latte Coffee Bars mailed to your door.



GIF credit: Kickstarter

Portable chargers have become a big hit recently, so that everyone can charge their phones on-the-go. However, these small devices still take hours to bring your phone up to a full charge. With Pronto, you can charge your iPhone 5 in much less time. To give the Pronto the power it needs, simply plug it into the wall for one hour. After that, Pronto is ready to pack a punch and get your phone juiced up for several charges.

The Emoji Project


Photo credit: Kickstarter

How many times have you thought of something that would make an awesome emoji, but it didn’t exist? The Emoji Project is setting out to create all of the emojis you’ve ever wanted. The project has a team of graphic designers that are capable of creating the emojis and making them compatible with iOS. The library of emojis would be located on a separate keyboard on your phone, just as the Apple emojis are currently. You won’t ever have to worry about not having the right emoji for your conversation again.

Imaginactive Fitness

Photo credit: Kickstarter

The audio fitness adventure app sets you inside of a story and speaks to you to tell you what to do. The first story created for this app is apocalypse survival training, where you’ll be thrown into London during an apocalyptic alien attack. The activities are broken up into 30 minute segments and alternate between strength circuits, holistic training and running.

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