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10 Retro-styled modern kitchens that prove the past is always chic

No matter how fabulous our modern kitchens look, there’s something we can’t quite shake about the kitchens of yesterday. Retro kitchens still rock, and these rooms prove it.

The addition of a vintage stove to this modern kitchen takes the whole look back a few decades.

These throwback blue appliances give the whole room a retro look we can’t help but love.

The updated cabinetry in this kitchen gives it a modern touch, while the appliances, fixtures, flooring and paint bring it right back to the past.

Hello, ’50s diner! There’s nothing about this kitchen that’s not retro. One look and we’re ready to hop up on the stool and order a malt.

Canary yellow paired with black just screams of kitchens of yesterday, but we’ll continue to love it, no matter how much time has passed.

If you purchased a home with these floors, your first instinct would probably be to rip them out. This homeowner did it right, though. They embraced the retro feel of the room, adding a vintage stove updated with a newer grill insert.

Some might say this particular shade of green should be left in the past, but we beg to differ. It works perfectly in this room, especially against those gorgeous brick floors.

Rustic meets retro in this bold kitchen. We never would have thought to pair these looks, but we’ll admit that somehow it works.

There’s something so homey about this bright retro kitchen that we just want to pull up a chair. Maybe it’s because it kind of looks like the kitchen at grandma’s house… but, you know, awesome.

The ’70s and ’80s were filled with horrid color schemes, but this room shows you exactly how to make it work now.

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