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What is Dogspotting, you ask? It’s the coolest game on Facebook

Dogspotting is a new Facebook page and game joined by dog lovers from all over the world. Not only can you see and share some of the world’s best pooch pics, but you can also collect points along the way. No cats allowed.

The rules of Dogspotting, according to the Facebook page are pretty simple:

Photo credit Reid Paskiewicz

Adding up the points is where the rules get a bit trickier. For instance, you can double your point total if there are two dogs featured in your spot. But if someone spots you spotting, you lose everything.

Dogspotting 1

Photo credit Reid Paskiewicz

Now, there are a couple of caveats to those rules. The most important of which is that the dog you “spot” cannot be what is termed by the group to be a “known dog.” That’s not fair. The idea is to capture dogs in their natural element doing what dogs do best, being awesome.

Here’s one great example of a gorgeous high resolution shot

Dogspotting 2

Photo credit: Cesar Alpuche/Facebook

This beauty that was posted with perhaps the best backstory ever on the spot.

Dogspotting 3

Photo credit: Elle Hunt/Facebook

“The dog wearing jeans was humping the dog wearing a dress moments before this photo was taken. That I missed out on the money shot will plague me until I die — in Kyoto, Japan.”

But before you get too excited about joining in on the fun, dogspotting hard-cores are lamenting that what they thought was a fun little game among a few in-the-know dog lovers is gaining attention, and lots of followers.

Reid Paskiewicz, another of the Dogspotting page administrators, said that they are already being crushed by requests to join.

“The gates have been closed since late yesterday, 1,400 pending new members.” Paskiewicz wrote.

There also seems to be a growing group concern about trolls ruining their fun. They might want to lighten up a bit. These are people who take their dogspotting really really seriously. When someone posted some recent publicity the group had gotten the first comment was less than positive.

“I think I’m gonna be sick,” one of the page’s members wrote. Just breathe. It’s going to be OK.

So if you want to join in, you might have to start your own dogspotting page. Because wherever there are pictures like this, people are sure to follow.

Dogspotting 4

Photo credit: Regina Kelmansky/Facebook

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