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9 Sci-fi style range hoods for your kitchen

Are you ready to turn your kitchen up a notch? Infuse a cool sci-fi edge into your decor with these futuristic range hoods that combine style with functionality.

“I like it when the range and hood are the focal point of the kitchen,” says Alexandra Fernandez of ALX Interiors.

So do we. In fact, these cool range hoods not only keep kitchen smokes and smells at bay, but they are also out of this world. This modern range hood looks like it is straight out of your favorite sci-fi movie.

Regardless of style, make sure you pick a range hood that is the right size for your range. “Typically, the hood needs to be wider than the range below — normally about 6-inches wider so it properly protects the cabinetry,” says John Starck, CEO of Showcase Kitchens. You also need to pick a fan with the proper cubic feet per minute (CFM) output to push the heat, smoke and odor out, he says. Electric stoves will need around 450 CFMs, while a gas range needs something around 800 to 1,200 CFMs.

Dubbed the “range hood from space,” this eye-catching design is sure to make this kitchen hood the focal point of your kitchen.

Fans can also be noisy — however, you have some options. “There are many different types of fans,” he says. “A remote fan can be located on the roof or side of the home. This prevents the user from hearing the fan operating. You can also use an in-line fan located in an attic and that fan would be quiet and even more effective for venting.”

These two circular hoods (each with a CFM of 900) are both powerful and gorgeous — especially with the mirrored backsplash.

This range hood features blue glass and stainless steel — and even features LED lighting to put a futuristic spin on your kitchen style.

This New York kitchen features a square hood with a circular accent for a look that is modern.

This sleek kitchen hood from a Madison Square apartment has a cool arc design that is both stylish and functional.

Who says you have to stick to square or arched hoods? This globe range hood from a kitchen in Palm Springs is out of this world.

This cool designer range hood features a curved, tempered-glass panel with a stainless steel body.

This custom range hood combines modern musings with rustic charm and would make the perfect focal point for your kitchen.

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