Recoup from the holiday with this Pug-style pillow turn-down service (VIDEO)

Minnie and Max the Pugs want to make sure you stay is as comfy as possible. As such, they’re offering an unparalleled turn-down service.
You see, Minnie and Max are what you might call pillow-fluffer extraordinaires.

‘Cause, really, what could be nicer than lying down for the night on a bed that’s already been fluffed and worn in by two cuddly Pugs? Sure, it might look like they’re just running amok, but rest assured (literally) that there’s a method to their madness.

And, hey, they might even volunteer to stick around and keep your toes toasty for you.

Just a word to the wise: Be wary of any chocolates you might find on your pillow — complimentary though they may be.

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