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PHOTOS: Kosher kitchens that prove why doubles are trendy

Have you always envied your friends with the amazing kosher kitchens with double sinks, refrigerators and stoves? Even if you don’t practice Judaism, you can still jump in on the hottest kitchen trend of kosher kitchens — and we have the pictures to prove it.

For those that are Jewish, dietary laws do not allow meat and dairy to be mixed in any way — which is why these kitchens have double appliances, such as two cooking stations, two cooktops and two ovens. Kosher kitchens are growing in popularity even among those who aren’t Jewish because of the efficiency of having two of several appliances. How can you incorporate this new trend into your own kitchen?

Think about which appliances you will get the most use out of. John Starck, CEO of Showcase Kitchens, says traditional kosher kitchens often have two sinks, two cooking stations, two cooktops and two ovens. Think about which area of your kitchen gets the most use. If you often have multiple pots and pans boiling on the stove, a double cooktop could come in handy. Two sinks would help keep greasy pots and pans from getting all over your nice dishes.

If you have a large family or like to entertain, two dishwashers can be a nice splurge for a kosher kitchen. This kitchen below seamlessly incorporates two dishwashers.


Starck says that most kosher kitchens have two separate sinks and cooking stations with a defined meat and dairy area, as well as separate utensils for each spot. This layout is convenient even if you aren’t preparing kosher food, especially if you have multiple people cooking and preparing. Wouldn’t you love to have your grandma be able to prepare her famous casserole while you are whipping up a salad without bumping elbows the entire time?


This sophisticated kosher kitchen places the stoves and microwaves side by side, allowing you to be able to get dinner on the table in a flash.


Two refrigerators are one of the most popular features in a kosher kitchen. You can keep everyday food items in one, while those items you buy in bulk — such as frozen meat or gallons of milk or juice — can be stored in the other refrigerator.


Kosher kitchens often have natural granite countertops, which not only looks beautiful, but makes clean up a snap.

If you have the room, a double island with two sinks is perfect for those who like to entertain a lot or those who have a large family.

You can also get in on the kosher kitchen trend in a smaller kitchen. A double sink with one on the kitchen island is the perfect solution for busy households.

Need help designing your own kosher kitchen? Find the perfect placement for all of your double appliances in the comfort of your home with an interactive kitchen website, such as Home Depot’s Interactive Kitchen Planner.

This post was sponsored by The Home Depot.

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