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The makeup trick that makes Kylie Jenner’s lips look so full

Kylie Jenner’s luscious, full lips have been the subject of much debate lately. While we can’t tell you if she’s actually had some surgical work done to her pout (or if she’s just especially masterful at wielding a lip liner), we can show you how to get her look without injections or going under the knife.

Step 1:


You’ll want to make sure your lips are well-moisturized, so apply your favorite lip balm first.

Step 2:


Create a blank canvas by using a concealer pencil to trace over the lips and lip line.

Step 3:


Now, we’re ready to start building up the lip shape. Using a rosy-nude toned lip liner, begin outlining just outside your natural lip line. Follow your lips’ natural peaks but take the line just above.

Step 4:


Using the same lip liner, fill in the entire lip.

Step 5:


Using a rosy-mauve matte lip color, fill in your entire mouth.

Step 6:


Use a lip brush to blend the lip color with the liner, creating a soft and seamless transition with no harsh edges.

Step 7:

step7 blot

Blot the lips and you’re all done. You’ve got a Kylie Jenner pout and no needle marks to show for it!


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