The 9 best things from this football player’s awesome speech

Finally, the really great football story we needed.

It’s been a rough time for football and football fans. But every so often the sport will throw us a much-appreciated tidbit of inspiration, like Apollos Hester here. His team, the East View Patriots, beat Vandegrift on Friday, and his post-game speech was a thing of legend. This kid has a future. Not sure in what, basically whatever he wants. Listen to the whole thing and then we’ll give you our favorite parts.
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1. First of all his name is Apollos Hester. That is a strong name. That is an “I’m going to give an insane speech in the end zone” name. He would be right at home on an NCAA All-Star roster.

2. He can barely contain himself while the reporter sets up her questions. “That’s nice lady, but I have some feelings to express!”

3. He shouts out his coach. #leadership

4. On winning, per his coach: “Do it for each other, you’re gonna do it for yourself, you’re gonna do it for us, and you’re gonna go out with this win.”

5. Even the little kid waving in the background can’t steal Hester’s shine.

6. “Your mama’s there to help you up, your daddy’s there, God’s there. Hey, I’m there to help you up!”

7. The studio anchor’s perfect response: “Wow.”

8. The video inspired the best internet comment of the week: “My cat watched this… now he’s a lion.”

9. Of course this happened in Texas.

Well, in the words of Hester, “That was awesome. Awesome!” Now go out and accomplish something. Hester will apparently be there for you in case you fall.

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