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PHOTOS: 8 Modern interpretations of retro kitchens

Once upon a time, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances didn’t even exist. Find out how far we’ve come with this kitchen history lesson.

Bright and bold in the 1920s and ’30s

From the natural hardwood floors to the bright turquoise appliances, this eclectic kitchen roars just like the Roaring Twenties and the hard-scrabble thirties. While this kitchen is lovely, it represents an aesthetic only possible for the wealthiest tastes. Appliances were hard to come by unless you were well-to-do.

Industrial war years

This 1940s kitchen stuns with its mix of metal cabinetry, metal countertops and farmhouse accents. Many 1940s homes featured similar designs, where metal was synonymous with modern. We love the farmhouse sink though, as a reminder of a time gone by.

Mellow yellow

The 1950s marked a rapid change toward a more modern vibe, since appliances were easy to come by and kitchen redesigns were just par for the course. This 1950s kitchen boasts popular bright yellow cabinets, a stainless backsplash and a funky linoleum-lookalike floor.

The swinging ’60s

Did someone say Mad Men? This mid-century modern kitchen has all the accents that will have you dreaming of Don Draper — rich cabinetry, clean lines and swanky furnishings were the stuff of modern life.

Subway tile and sleek lines

Admittedly, this bold 1970s-inspired kitchen contains elements from the present day, but we love the way its bright subway tiles and sleek hardware channel the best of the disco years (with no bell bottoms and flower power to speak of).

Formica and white appliances

We all remember our childhood kitchens all too well, but this kitchen pulls off the 1980s in ways the 1980s never could. From Formica countertops to white appliances — or almond, if you were particularly unlucky — the 1980s featured design elements that haven’t exactly stood the test of time.

Typical contemporary

While the early 1990s still struggled with Formica, kitchens began to resemble our present aesthetic as they transitioned into granite and stainless in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Now it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing pristine granite countertops and splashy, flashy stainless steel appliances.

Thoroughly modern

Hate to break it to you guys, but it appears that granite and hardwoods are on their way out. This colorful modern kitchen represents the ways kitchen design has changed in recent years. We’re headed back to sleek retro lines and pops of color. We’re also moving towards recycled or upcycled countertops for a resilient and flashy finish to the heart of the home.

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