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Can you spot a fake smile? (VIDEO)

Did you know that in the U.S. a person fake-smiles every two seconds?

Just joking, we made that statistic up — but only because it goes to show how prevalent faking is these days. And in the age of the selfie, fake smiles abound. (Not to mention, it could totally be true.)
Hence, the 59-second guide to spotting fake smiles, courtesy of one Richard Wiseman. After a quick quiz showing three different people both fake-smiling and real-smiling, Wiseman hands down an assessment to help you gauge just how good you are at deciphering smiles.

Three out of three? Then you’re good at reading other people’s expressions. Like us.

But have no fear if you only got two out of three or less. Wiseman clues you into a surefire way you can spot a faker. Hint? It’s all about the crinkly wrinkles.

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