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10 Wine-inspired kitchens to make you drunk with desire

Do you have a soft spot for vino? We can hardly blame you, and these amazing wine-inspired kitchens won’t hold it against you, either. Grab a glass of chardonnay, and enjoy.

Illuminated collection

Simple x-shaped shelving displays wine beautifully, especially when it’s backed by an illuminated window, which makes the wine bottles shine like gems.

Glass chamber of goodness

Who says wine cellars should be relegated to a basement? This modern walk-in wine cellar takes center stage in a contemporary kitchen.

Wine barrel conversation piece

Forget hanging pots and pans over your kitchen island. Grab a hanging piece of kitchen artwork like this one. It’s made from recycled wine barrels, and it displays a collection of wine glasses.

Hidden wine cellar

Like a childhood dream come true, this secretive wine cellar is hidden away under the floorboards of a thoroughly modern and grown-up kitchen.

Built-ins to amaze

If you’re not ready to commit to a wine-themed kitchen, this seamless built-in is small enough to cleverly stash a small assortment of vino.

A chilly island

Don’t forget that wine is best when it’s served at the perfect temperature. This clever kitchen island is half wine cooler and half table for a perfect way to make the most of a small kitchen space.

Minimalist shelving

If you’re more of a minimalist, you can create a small built-in placed between studs to show off a small collection. Just make sure to place a lip on the shelves so the bottles don’t roll away.

Eye-popping art

Say goodbye to dated Tuscan artwork with this conversation piece that is rustic, refined and space saving. Enhance a kitchen with just one piece, or embellish an entire wall with this simple masterpiece.

Cork backsplash

If you’re overrun with used corks, repurpose them into this wine lover’s DIY project. The cork backsplash is colorful, attention grabbing and surprisingly useful — since you can post notes and pictures to its surface with a thumbtack.

Detailed centerpieces

Finally, make your kitchen island or bar sparkle with this wine bottle light fixture that lends a calming ambiance to any space. If you’re feeling extra inspired, you can always include wine bottle pendant lighting over the bar, as well.

Tell us: Which wine-inspired kitchen makes you want to raise your glass for a toast?

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