9 Awesome ways to revamp your attic for extra room during the holidays

Any empty space in the home is potential for something fabulous. Take your attic from boring to beautiful with one of these 12 ideas for updating the top floor of your home.

A second family room

Kick the kiddos up to the attic for Disney marathons, while you enjoy a good prime-time binge session on your own couch. If you don’t trust your young ones upstairs, use it as your own “quiet zone” for episodes of Ellen and secret candy bar consumption.

A second, third or even fourth bathroom

Come the holidays, you can never have too many bathrooms. Hire a plumber and find out what it will take to turn your attic into another lavatory… so that you can use it at your own leisure.

A rec room

If you’ve got an oversized attic, the eclectic family recreation room is the thing for you. A bar for mom and dad, a pool table for teens and a game area for kids will give you a one-size-fits-all area for you to all gather for memories together.

A wardrobe

Just because you aren’t a celebrity doesn’t mean you can’t live like one. Turn your attic into a full-blown wardrobe, where you keep your fanciest and most prized outfits. Add a full-length mirror and feminine touches to create the full effect.

A teen’s bedroom

All teens want their own private space, so give it to them in the attic. Make them bunk up or let them have free rein to the top floor of the house. Just get ready for a few thumps and bumps from late-night dance sessions.

Mommy’s room

Dad has the garage, so why not take up the attic. Take on the Bohemian vibe for a chill area to kick off your heels and relax in. Add pillows on the floor for when you allow a guest or two to come up with you.

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A child’s play area

A learning center is a great way to create a fun environment that both mom and child can enjoy together. Add a fold-out couch to the area for quick naps or cozy storytime cuddles.

A spare office

Divide your attic into a spare bedroom and second home office. With a semi-private space, you’ll be able to separate yourself from the other side of the attic to have your own haven. Even if you already have an office in the house, this one can be yours exclusively… for things like Pinterest and scrolling through blogs.

Keep it empty

A rug and a small corner for storage can make your attic into a multi-purpose room. Great for children’s playtime, Mama’s alone time and husband’s time listening to sports radio, an empty space keeps it open (pun intended) for any and every option.

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