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Watching dudes get their pubes waxed is oddly satisfying (VIDEO)

Getting your lady-bits waxed for the first time?


That is one of life’s more painful rites of passage. It’s one of those things women do that men either totally take for granted, or they simply assume that we are exaggerating about the “ouch” factor. Hopefully these brave and good-humored dudes from Buzzfeed will put those skeptics and deniers in their place with this video. These guys decided to go and see firsthand what it was like when a woman gets a bikini wax.

Naturally, the results are hilarious. For the most part, the dudes are in utter agony throughout the entire ordeal. Of course there’s always the one who claims it’s not as bad as they expected it to be and kept a stiff upper lip. I doubt any single one of these dudes came out of this feeling like adding waxing to their daily routines was a must, but it’s safe to say that their perspectives have definitely shifted. They’ll think twice before rolling their eyes at a lady complaining about a recent wax, that’s for sure.

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