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Where these kids sleep at night says a lot about the world we live in (VIDEO)

Who would have thought that photographs of children and the places where they sleep could be such a total combination of sweet and a punch in the gut?


Photographer James Mollison has done something truly remarkable with his collection of photographs: He’s captured the wide breadth of the childhood experience, and he’s done it without saying a word. Mollison traveled the globe, taking vivid, striking portraits of children and then taking equally vivid photographs of the places where they sleep. It’s a series of photos that you might not realize is having an impact on you all at once. Its effect is gradual, like the changing tides.

Some of the photographs are not surprising: the pageant girl with the pretty pink room, the football-playing boy whose abode shows the single-mindedness of his obsession. But then are other images, like the child who spends his nights on a couch under an open sky or the 4-year-old who looks far too old for his age who sleeps on a mattress in a field. It’s a shocking disparity of experiences, one that will make you thoughtful, sad and totally grateful for all that you have.

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