Finally! A Facebook page dedicated to shaming annoying airline passengers

If you’re the sort who likes to observe the very worst in human behavior, then this Facebook page is for you.

Passenger Shaming gives weary travelers a place to out the most terrible people on planes. Even better, it has sparked additional social media reactions like #FlyingFeet from travelers who have suffered through the public’s disgusting travel behavior with quiet dignity for far too long.

Far too many people believe they’re entitled to turn their immediate area into a space to conduct the most personal of business. Across the web, there are stories that include everything from cutting toenails to discarding used feminine hygiene products in the back pocket of seats. Gross!

So, naturally, when we stumbled across Passenger Shaming, our hearts skipped a beat. Here are our favorite shames so far:

1. Fabian Footsie

Your feet are so gross and horrible, if I had a rusty butter knife I would use it to saw off those stinking slabs of callus, filth and yellow toenails. Even socks would be an improvement. Is there an Air Marshal on this flight with a gun?

2. Yusef the Yogi

Yoga-na make me throw up. Yes, we know you’ve been cramped in an airplane for hours. So have the rest of us. That doesn’t mean we want to watch you stretch your junk, you troglodyte.

3. Dirty Diana

Here’s the deal. As human beings, we all understand that on an airplane space is limited and the flight attendants aren’t really there to tidy up after passengers, so why do some passengers insist on making such a mess on the plane? Not only do we have to sit in your mess, but before the next flight, someone’s going to have to go totally Dust Buster on your seat row. Jerks.

4. Nancy Neglect-arino

Her motto is “my kids, your problem.” No, Nancy, your kids are your responsibility on an airplane. Not the flight attendant. Not the other passengers. That includes your dirty diapers, you yo-yo.

5. Aunt Flo

There are no words, this is a used maxi pad in the seat. I’m really going to throw up if I attempt to elaborate further.

There are many more examples of the trashy, disturbing behavior on Passenger Shaming. Maybe if people know they could be publicly shamed for their bad behavior they’ll be more likely to think before they do this:

But probably not. I wonder if things are better on Amtrak? Could they be worse on Greyhound?

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