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If your dog thinks she’s the best dog in the world, she’s wrong (VIDEO)

Amelia may be just a dog, but at 5 years old she’s smarter than a lot of people I know.


Check out this hilarious dog. She is just relaxing, chilling as it were. Frankly, she looks so mellow that I would not be surprised to see her lift a snifter of brandy to her lips and enjoy a few laps of the rich stuff.

It’s good to know that while Amelia might be a genius, she is not a genius of the evil persuasion. This video is proof that what I utter here is true.

When Amelia’s owner asks the dog who the best dog in the world is, she, without any further prompting, delicately lifts up her paw like a kid in school who just knows she’s got the right answer. Her deadpan expression makes the moment that much funnier.

I’m forever trying to teach my dog to do stuff like not accidentally jump up and punch me in the boob, so I’m particularly impressed with Amelia’s skills. Maybe her owner could teach a class. I know I’d take it.

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