Woman uses travel secret to fund over 16 vacations for almost nothing

Vacations are expensive these days, especially when you factor in airfare, hotels, rental cars, food and entertainment. I’m getting anxious just thinking about it. If you want to save money on your next trip, take a tip from this mom’s playbook. She figured out to travel on over 16 family vacations for next to nothing.

Summer Hull is not independently wealthy, but she does manage to travel with her family and stay at five-star hotels practically for free. Summer even took an international trip with her family to Ireland that cost her almost nothing.

As a mother of two, I demand to know her secret. ABC News spills the beans: “Hull’s secret is racking up those travel points by using different credit cards for various purchases. She spends most of her time taking care of her 4-year-old daughter and managing her own company from home. She documents her travel tricks and successes on her blog, Mommy Points, which has opened doors to VIP experiences and even earned her extra income because she uses it to advertise travel-related services and deals.”

Summer’s family travel plan of action is working. She has taken her family on more than 16 vacations around the world, totaling at 100,000 miles. Because of her travel points and travel blogging, all vacation expenses are kept to a minimum.

Summer is gaming the system, and you can too. Some finance experts caution against the lure of shiny plastic, but credit card rewards can be used for good if you are responsible with your finances. Translation: Don’t max out your credit cards just to get a free flight, and don’t open a rewards card you can’t handle.

If you think you can manage a rewards credit card without draining your bank account, follow Summer’s rule to get the most out of your line of credit. Don’t sign up for just any credit card — sniff out the cards with the best sign-up bonuses.

Summer has more than a dozen active credit cards that she juggles to rack up the points and cash in on lucrative sign-up bonuses. She says, “These banks want you to have their cards and I’m happy to get their card and take their miles and points and use them and travel the world.”


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