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12 Dog Breeds That Actually Get Along Great With Cats

If you’ve been under the impression that cats and dogs are living in this world as mortal enemies, you couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, tons of dogs have the seemingly instinctual habit of chasing down a cat as soon as they even smell one. And yes, we’ve seen plenty of cats and dogs coexisting under the same roof, but the tension is so thick, you can cut it with a knife.

But what you might not know is there are plenty of cat-friendly canines out there. We’ll give you a moment to let that sink in…

Several adorable breeds are known for their ability to get along well with cats, including the following.

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1. Papillon

Papillion dog
Image: Jan Speiser/EyeEm/Getty Images

The papillon and a dog-friendly feline can become like two peas in a pod. This butterfly-eared pup enjoys constant company, whether it’s a human, dog or kitty cat.

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