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10 Things that cost as much as a year of college

You could invest in a year of college for yourself or your kids, or you could buy one of these 10 ridiculous luxury items. Which will it be?

Valentina crocodile shoulder bag

Crocodile purse

Sure, you could go to college… or you could look absolutely fabulous wearing this Marchesa Valentina crocodile purse on your shoulder. I mean, a girl’s got to stay in style, right? #fashionoverfreshman (Neiman Marcus, $8,595)

Porcelain veneers

Even if you have dental insurance, the cost of putting veneers on all of your chompers is easily equivalent to your first year at a university. A dentist in Utah, Smiles Restored, lists the price of $2,485 for a complete upper set. Note that this does not include the bottom. But hey, having good-looking teeth is way more important than a college education… #saidnooneever.

Game box

game box

If you’re going to skip out on your bachelor’s degree, you might as well purchase something to entertain yourself with that college fund. The Ralph Lauren bond carbon-fiber five-in-one game box is the perfect solution. I wonder what it will look like on a resume… #ornot. (Saks Fifth Avenue, $4,995)

24K gold iPhone 6


College is important, but iOS 6? Now that’s where the real priorities lie. You could pay one year’s worth of tuition at your local in-state school, or you could be flashy as all heck with this 24K yellow gold iPhone with a diamond logo. The good news is that its 128 GB worth of storage could probably hold all of your important college files. #saveupfornextyear (Brikk, $8,895)

Golden skateboard

From one golden ticket item to another. The golden skateboard is dipped in pure gold to give you the ultimate riding experience. Costing a whopping $15,000, this skateboard better take you to the moon if you’re skipping college for the purchase. #impulsebuy

See how this expensive board is made

Bianchi bike

Bianchi Bike

Enroll in your freshman year or use your hard-earned cash to go off-roading in Europe. The Bianchi bike is the perfect companion for anyone looking to find themselves before taking out student loans… #andmaxingoutyourcreditcardsinstead. (Adrenaline Bikes, $2,500-$5,499)

Salt and pepper shakers

Salt and pepper shakers

Yup, you read that right. These chrysanthemum salt and pepper shakers are going to take the same money out of your pocket as two semesters would at an in-state college or local CC. #theybettershakeoutsomegold (Tiffany & Co., $3,150)

Tiger head

tiger head

Was your college of choice’s mascot a tiger? If so, you don’t need them when you can buy your very own tiger head for the same cost. Sure, it won’t get you into football games, but he sure does look fierce. #gofightwin (Neiman Marcus, $6,500)

Garden statue of Apollo

Apollo statue

Let’s be honest, the Greek life isn’t meant for everyone. Skip out on the drama and purchase the equivalent of a good chunk of your four-year tuition on an Apollo statue for your garden. If anything, he sure is pretty to look at. #stonecoldboyfriend (Opiary, $15,000)

Sky Villa weekend at the Palms

Sky Villa

You could go to Harvard, or you could spend one heck of a weekend at the Palms Sky Villa. You’ll live the lap of luxury with a sauna, full bar, rotating bed and more for around $40,000 for a two-night stay. One year of tuition at Harvard is estimated at $57,000, saving you about $17,000 to stay at the Palms instead. Go Ivy League or go Sky Villa… #thechoiceisyours.

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